Simple Drop Down Menu

Auto Rickshaw stand
Parking Both Sides
Taxi Stand
Cycle Stand
Eating Place
First Place
Eating Place
No Through Road
No Through side Road
Park This Side
Scooter & Motorcycle Stand
Petrol Pump
Public Phone
Resting Place

Axle Load Limit
Bullock Cart and cart Prohibited
Compulsary Ahead Only
Compulsary ahead or left
Compulsary Ahead or right
Compulsary Keep Left
Compulsary turn right ahead
Compulsary turn left
Compulsary Right
Compulsary sound horn
Cycle Prohibited
Compulsary Cycle Track
Give Way
No Standing or Stopping
Tonga prohibited
Height Limit
Length Limit
Load Limit
Bullock Cart Prohibited
Vehicle Prohibited on all Directions
No Entry
Handcart Prohibited
Left Turn Prohibited
All Motor Vehicles Prohibited
Over taking Prohibited
No parking
Pedestrian Prohibited
Right Turn Prohibited
No Stopping or Standing
Width Limit
U - Turn Prohibited
One Way
Restrictions Ends
Speed Limit

Right Hand Curve
50-100m in plain and rolling terrain and 30-60 meters in hilly terrain
50-100m in plain and rolling terrain and 30-60 meters in hilly terrain
Unguarded Level Crossing
Guarded level Crossing
School ahead
Barrier Ahead
Cross Road
Cycle Crossing
Dangerous Dip
Hair Pin Bend Left
Hair Pin Bend Right
Falling Rocks
Gap in Median
Hump or Road Ahead
Loose Gravel
Major Road Ahead
Major road Ahead
Left Reverse bend
Left Hand curve
Men At work
Pedestrian crossing
Right Reverse Bend
Scooter & Motorcycle Stand
Narrow Bridge
Round About
Side Road Left
Side Road Right
Slippery Road
Staggered Intersection
Staggered Intersection
Steep ascent
Major road ahead
Wide Road Ahead
Y - Intersection
Y - Intersection
Y - Intersection

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