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  • Drive slow. Always drive at a speed that allows you to stop with in the distance of you visibility. Always use dipped headlights or front fog lamps. Use your wind screen wipers & keep cleaning the wind screens and side glasses.
  • Never hang onto the lights of the vehicle in front; it only gives the false sense of security.
  • Allow more time for your journey and never be in a hurry.
  • Do not increase your speed to get away from a vehicle which may be closely following you behind.
  • Inspect the tyres for overheating and tread separation every 100 Km. If a tyre is too hot to touch, stop for some time and allow it cool off
  • Under high temperatures, the tread may come off the retreated tyres and may cause a tyre burst.
  • Air pressure increases with temperature. Do not try to remove air, as the tyre pressure will be too low when the tyre cools off.
  • Ensure enough engine oil and water in the radiator. They help to keep the engine cool.
  • Watch for those road sections where tar bleeds in heat. Drive slowly in these areas, as they are very slippery.
  • All lamps must be kept clean and headlamps correctly set so as to provide maximum illumination without dazzling other drivers.
  • Drive at controlled speed, so that you are in a position to stop well within the distance.
  • Give a quick flash to warn the driver while overtaking.
  • Once on the road, clean the windscreens and glasses as often as possible.
  • In rainy conditions ensure that wipers are in working conditions.
  • Check brakes before commencing journey, always change to the correct gear before climbing up or coming down a section.
  • Never switch off engine or put the gear in neutral with a view to save fuel or cool the engine,it is very dangerous.
  • Always give way to a heavy/loaded vehicle and upcoming traffic.
  • Follow all traffic signs and use horn at all blind corners.
  • Never attempt to overtake near the bends or at the crest of a hill.

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