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IDTR is one of the steps by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. to make Indian roads safer. The development of road infrastructure across the country and the growth of automobiles are both positive signs for India. However, these have to be accompanied by adequate measures that ensure safety on roads.

While road safety requires an integrated solution, covering a range of issues from road design and construction to healthcare facilities, one of the important dimensions is road safety training and awareness.
At Maruti, we have identified road safety training and awareness as an area of intervention. We believe that safety on Indian roads will improve vastly if roads users are adequately trained. Maruti is focusing on this aspect of road safety through these institutes.

For IDTR, road safety training is more than just a teaching-learning process, rather it is a process of empowerment where all sections of society including the elderly, working women and housewives have access to a conducive environment to learn and practice driving and also pass on a safety culture to the young generation, including our children.

Rather than just to familiarise the learner with road rules and traffic signs, IDTR’s goal is to empower through a holistic approach to road conduct and behaviour. I am sure all citizens will benefit from these institutes and be a safe and considerate driver.

S. Nakanishi
Managing Director & CEO - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

It is my great pleasure to launch the new IDTR website. It is one more step in the direction towards safer roads across the country.

In recent years, India has witnessed a sharp rise in deaths related to road traffic accidents. The social & demographic shift in the country towards increased motorisation and rapid urbanization together with an increasing young population, and changing social structure and lifestyle are all contributing factors. Gaps in related legislation and in implementation and enforcement mechanisms contribute to the escalating problem.
According to the World Health Organisation, currently India suffers from the highest number of deaths due to road accidents in the world owing to poor infrastructure and dangerous driving habits. In addition to the incalculable humane suffering of those affected; the economic cost is also horrific. We are confronting a problem that is both a public health and a development issue. What makes this heavy toll even more unacceptable is that it can be avoided.

Maruti recognizes the fact that safety needs to be allotted the top priority today. At IDTR, training is the tool we provide to our trainees through which they acquire and upgrade the three basic elements, namely, knowledge, skills & attitudes. IDTR has been established with the goal to provide not only the best motor driving training in the country but also better awareness towards overall road safety, so you become a smart and responsible road user for life. IDTR does this through its extensive training facilities such as scientifically engineered training and testing tracks, structured training content, well qualified instructors, state-of-the-art driving simulators and well maintained vehicles

I take this opportunity to assert IDTR’s commitment to make our roads safer. Together let’s make IDTR the hallmark in the ennobling task of enhancing road safety values in the country.

Mahesh Rajoria
General Manager & Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Director IDTR

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